Tandoor Specialties

Tandoor Specialties are baked on skewers in our tandoor served w/ sauteed onions & bell peppers

90. Tandoori Chicken(Bone-in)...$ 11.00
~ chicken legs marinated in yogurt with spices and herbs
91. Chicken Tikka(Boneless Tandoori Chicken)...$ 12.00
~ boneless white meat chicken, marinated with spices & herbs, roasted in the clay oven
92. Paneer Tikka...$ 13.00
~ cheese cubes marinated in yoghurt with spices, baked in the clay oven
93. Lamb Seekh Kabab...$ 14.00
~ minced lamb with spices and herbs, baked on skewers in the clay oven
94. Tandoori Shrimp...$ 14.00
~ shrimp marinated in yogurt w/ delicate spices, roasted in clay oven
95. Tandoori Mix Grill...$ 14.00
~ combination of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kabab and tondoori shrimp