Lamb and Goat Specialties

served with Basmati Rice

70. Lamb Curry...$ 13.00
~ lamb cooked in curry sauce made with onions, tomatoes and a blend of spices & herbs
71. Lamb Vindaloo...$ 13.00
~ lamb and potatoes in a spicy and tangy onion & tomato curry sauce
72. Mango Lamb Curry...$ 13.00
~ lamb curry blended with sweet and sour mango relish
73. Lamb Saag...$ 14.00
~ lamb cooked in a thick spinach sauce with spices and herbs
74. Karahi Lamb...$ 14.00
~ lamb cooked with sauteed onions, bell peppers, garlic and ginger
75. Lamb Do Piaza...$ 14.00
~ lamb curry sizzled with chopped onions and spices
76. Keema Mattar...$ 14.00
~ ground lamb and green peas cooked in creamy curry sauce
77. Lamb Korma...$ 14.00
~ lamb cooked in creamy curry sause with cashews and raisins
78. Rogan Josh...$ 14.00
~ lamb cubes sauteed with touch of yougurt then cooked in curry sauce with touch of cream, ginger and special bleand of spices
79. Lamb Tikka Masala...$ 14.00
~ lamb cooked in a cream curry sauce with paste of bell peppers, tomatoes & exotic spices