What is a Tandoor? Tandoor is a traditional pitcher shaped oven made of Indian clay. It gives the food a distinctive taste & flavor by slow and steady cooking. It doesn’t leave the meats completely dry, rather it grills them to perfection by retaining the juices. It is also used to bake the breads.
Karahi: wok.
Spices & herbs used in our food: coriander (whole & powder), cumin (whole & powder), black pepper (whole & Powder), cinnamon, cardamom, clove, red chili powder, green chilies, paprika, nutmeg, turmeric, bay leaves, dried fenugreek leaves, garlic (fresh & powder), ginger (fresh & powder), mint (fresh & powder), tamarind, paprika, dried mango powderd.
Curry Sauce: made with onions, tomatoes, spices & herbs.
Vindaloo paste: paprika, red chilies, vinegar & spices.
Tikka Masala: made w/ bell peppers, tomatoes and spices.
Mint Chutney: made with fresh mint, cilantro, green chilies, onions, lemon juice.
Tamarind Sauce: tamarind boiled in water with spices.
Basmati Rice: India’s naturally flavorful, long-grained, thin rice.
Garnish: Fresh cilantro.